2 Years of AUME

2 Years of AUME

Aalborg Streetfood

11. nov 2023

kl 21.00



2 years full of lovely people, new connections and great experiences. We cannot say more than a huge: Thank You

During those 2 years we’ve created a community, a family, true friends and now we invite you to another remarkable night.

Our resident Ville will start the night, building up the atmosphere with his trademark of warm, soulful & groovy selections of the finest Minimal House.

We are happy to introduce you for the very first time in the Aalborg > Kontinuum, one of the most well know labels in the city and true promoters of minimal sounds. DJs SKÔDT and Marho is representing Kontinuum:

SKÖDT explores the large spectrum that minimal house has to offer. From the quirky and sometimes straight up silly, to the dark and definitely more serious, SKÖDT dives deep into the minimalistic soundscape.

With his track selection and mixing style, Marho seeks to create a vibe that moves between light/flowing and groovy/rhythmic. His sound signature is centered on the minimal Romanian sound, known for its repetitive but complex grooves and rhythms.

In order to have a complete line-up for the night, Paula, a well know artist in Aalborg will join in. As an Island girl from Estonia. She has been in the music scene for the past 10 years and has experimented in many genres.

Join us for an unforgettable experience of visuals, sounds and emotions.

This is a +18 event 🔞

We reserve the rights to select our clients. Come early, stay late.

See you on the da