Gadens Stemmer - Vesterbro - Julie (English)

Gadens Stemmer - Vesterbro - Julie (English)

Stampesgade 1 (Ved Metroplads)

21. sep 2024

kl 13.30


Hello, my name is Julie!

I will take you on a personal tour of the popular Vesterbro area, known for its nice restaurants and lively nightlife. But I will show you a different side of Vesterbro, a side not many know about.

What is my story about?
Despite a seemingly perfect life with work, family, and friends, my world derailed at a party with a bag of white powder. For four extraordinary years, heroin took control. Join me on a journey from a well-functioning life to a double life battling addiction. Living as an addict costs relationships, joy, and self-care.