Not A Lead Singer Karaoke

Not A Lead Singer Karaoke

Ideal Bar

01. dec 2023

kl 20.00


Not A Lead Singer Karaoke is back at Ideal Bar - the festive bangers edition
Step up to the karaoke stage - you don't have to be a lead singer to be good at karaoke, you just need to pick the right banger. All about sharing good vibes with good people - and this one is going to have festive surprises.
Karaoke stage, microphones, bar, drinks, hot people, a hot host, good vibes, bring your friends, entertainment, someone singing Jingle Bell Rock and even if you hate it, you can't help singing along.
How it works
Register your song. Wait til your called up to the stage. Shine bright like a diamond singing your banger of choice and get the endorphins from everyone singing along. Bow. Choose a new song. And repeat. Not into singing on stage? No pressure. Nobody is forced to sing, just soak up the good vibes and join in from the comfort of your spot at the bar with your friends.
Get to know your host
Not A Lead Singer Karaoke is hosted by Fiona, karaoke culture expert and host making people love karaoke all over the world.